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On a mission to get Career Professional in a career that is fulling & makes them happy from the inside out by uncovering their true purpose in their career. 


Expert in positioning, messaging, marketing & branding for Career Professionals.  


Helping Career Professionals grow their career by clarifying their positioning & branding themselves as “Go-To” Subject Matter Expert in their Field & earning 6 Figures in Salary.


As a Career Coach, I believe in NO BS NO NONSENSE ONLY RESULTS!

Being on the other side of the table from Job Seekers for over 14+ years, I see it all. I see all the mistakes you make in your job search, your resume and even in your interview.

I always wish I can help you, but when sitting on the other side of the table from you, as HR Professional, I cant. Until Now!

This is what drove me to become a Career Strategist Coach. I leverage my HR Expertise and my Entrepreneur experience, to help you land your dream job in 30 Days.

Yes, this is a bold statement to make, but I make it because I have gotten individuals in their dream jobs within 30 days. And now I want to get you in your dream job in 30 Days.

Let's talk if you are ready to land your dream job in 30 Days!

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