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Resume Writing Guide & Template

The Sole Job Of Your Resume is to land you interviews. 

When that is not happening, 100% the problem is your resume. 

Every company nowadays is using an ATS when they are posting a job online.

When you are applying to jobs Online, guess What?

You are applying through the ATS which is designed to screen all incoming resumes based on the criteria set by the end-user.

The end-user being HR/Recruiters

If you are going to apply to jobs online then your resume has to be in "ATS Friendly" format. 

90% of jobseekers' resumes are not ATS Friendly hence not getting interviews.

HR Expert has designed this Resume Template not only to get your resume pass the ATS but also to impress the reader reading your resume where it's a no-brainer that they need to call you for an interview. 

This ATS resume template has gotten 1000s of individuals interviews.

What you'll get:

  • Ready to use resume Template that is ATS Friendly designed by an HR Expert.
  • Step by step guide on how to write your resume, one that will land you interviews.

What People Are Saying:

I used this resume template to land an interview at my dream company. As a new grad, I was struggling to land interviews. But this Resume Template helped me land an interview for my dream job and with my dream employer. I highly recommend this Resume Template to all New Grads!

Brennan C

I used this template to write my resume and followed the step-by-step guide that comes with this resume template, and right away I landed 2 job interviews in a matter of few days applying. This resume template is worth it guys! Get it now!

Lisa K

"After I used this Resume Template I got a call from Amazon and given three rounds of interviews. Before this Resume Template, I was struggling to land interviews. I highly recommend this Resume Template."

Bilal A