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How To Access The Hidden Job Market That Actually Work!

Are you tired of applying to jobs online only to never get an interview?

Only 20% of available jobs are visible to you, known as the "Visible Job Market" i.e. Online Job Postings.

Every single person looking for a job focuses solely on the Visible Job Market. Thus creating high competition among candidates.

80% of available jobs are in the Hidden Job Market.

If you want to learn how to access the Hidden Job Market, then this Masterclass is a must for you.What you'll get:


Why Take This Course

Everyone tells you "The only way to access the hidden job market is to "network".  
  • Attend networking events
  • Ask for informational interviews
  • Ask for Coffee Chat
These traditional and generic methods, that dont work in today's modern job market.  You spend hours of your time, and barely get a response from individuals.  Let alone get a job out of it.

So let's ditch these old tiring & generic methods  that everyone is teaching, but dont really get anyone results. All you end up doing is putting in so many hours, but still come up empty handed.

Let me show you the modern strategies that will get you real results in accessing the hidden job market right away.

In this 3 hours Masterclass you are going to learn:
  • 6 Strategies that you can implement this very minute to access the hidden job market.
  • Step by Step implementation and execution plan for each  6 Strategies to get you started right away this very second.
  • How to put together your Linkedin Profile, one that grabs hiring managers & recruiters attention right away
  • How to creating a Job Search Funnel to create multiple job leads 
  • Hands On training and  exercises 
  • Tools you can use right this very minute to access the hidden job market.


What People Are Saying:

"Loved loved loved this Masterclass. Best $100 I have ever spent to get me thinking and going in my job search. I will definitely be joining your Bootcamp Land Your Dream Role."


"I took this Masterclass and really loved it. It was very informative, and I learned quite a bit about how I can brand and market myself. After taking this Masterclass I realized my LinkedIn needs quite a bit of work. What an eye-opening Masterclass. I look forward to taking more classes from Gurpreet."

Mariya S MIS, BSc

"Thank you so much, Gurpreet!!! You shared some great insights about the hidden job market!"

Bhavya K

"A very informative Masterclass! I've learned a lot!!!! I am so glad I took this Masterclass. Thank you Gurpreet".

Neetu K