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Mistakes You Are Making 

There are 3 mistakes you are making that are preventing you from landing 6+ Figure Job Offer in just 60 DAYS or Less...

Mistake #1 

The Top Reason You're Not Earning More Money In Your Career is...It's your positioning not your experience that's preventing you from earning more money. 

Mistake #2

You Don’t Have To Get Another Degree or Certification to land 6+ figure job offer….

Mistake #3

You Don’t Have To APPLY TO COUNTLESS JOBS To Land 6+ Figure Job Offer…

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This training teaches you How To Land  Competing Job Offers by positioning you as the “Go To Expert” in your field/domain.

Discover how Career Niching is your #1 Secret weapon for landing a 6+ Figure Job Offer(s) and Recession proofing your career is in. 

Wait until you learn about  your "Richness in Niching


Save Your Seat

In this webinar, you are going to get my proven  5 Steps Career Niching Process to Landing 6+ Figure Job Offer(s).  


This is the exact “Career Niching strategy that has helped my clients,  double to even triple their base salary within 60 days. 

 In Land 6+ Figure Job Offers You'll Discover...

3 Mistakes you are making when looking for a 6+ Figure Salary Job opportunity and how to avoid them so that you can start landing 6 figure job offers.

How to Position yourself for, the role you want on your resume so that you land job interviews instantly and convert them into 6 Figure Job Offers.

How to Calculate & put a dollar value on your expertise and double to even triple your base salary within 60 days or less. 

How to Command employers to pay you exactly what you want every single time so that you can avoid "low paying" salary job offers. 

How to Access the Hidden Job Market where 80% of all available jobs exist right now & you’re missing all of these available jobs. This will speed up your results by 10X in landing 6 Figure Job Offers within 60 days or less. 

How to Make sure your resume land in front of HR/Recruiters and gets them to instantly call you for an interview and never get rejected again.

How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to become a Job Lead Magnet, where Recruiters & Hiring Managers are approaching you for job opportunities without you applying to job postings.   (90% of Recruiters use LinkedIn to find Top Talent).

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Gurpreet will do an extra 30 mins Strategy Session after the webinar for VIP members. At $37, it’s a bargain to get up close and personal attention from HR & Career expert,  If I were you? I’d do it.

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  • Learn my signature 5 Steps to Career Niching

  •  Understand the steps to double or even triple your base salary within 60 days or less 











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  • Strategy Session at the end of the webinar with Gurpreet. 
  • You will get a step-by-step blueprint to identifying your “Zone of Genius” to positioning yourself as the “Go-To Expert”.
  • You will get a jump start on landing a 6+ Figure Job Offers with VIP access to the “What’s In It For Hiring Manager” framework to landing interviews.
  • You will receive a digital workbook to get you started.
  • 10 mins Manifestation Meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️ at the end of the session to really bring in your manifestation of your 6 Figure Job offer into your reality NOW.

I'M Gurpreet.

I’m an HR and Career expert trusted by the Wall Street Journal The Globe & Mail, Voice of America, and was recently awarded one of the “Most Admired Global Indian 2021". 


On a mission to get Career Professionals in a career that is fulling & makes them happy from the inside out by uncovering their true "Zone of Genius" in their career.


Guiding Career Professionals in building 6+ figure Careers by clarifying their positioning & branding themselves as “Go-To Expert”.