Become The Go-To Talent In Your Field That Every Employer Wants To Hire

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I know you are Tired & Frustrated...

  • Keep giving more and more of yourself, going above and beyond in your job, putting in long hours, and saying yes to every single time,  just to impress your boss. You are simply tired of leaving your career’s future in the hands of your boss and are ready to take control back.
  • Keep scrolling on Indeed & LinkedIn with no luck. You’re starting to feel overwhelmed, frustrated and burnt out and you’re starting to apply to anything and everything hoping that an interview comes through. You know your method isn’t the best way to get you the dream job you want – but you’re simply tired, which leaves you with no energy and just wish there was a proven strategy to follow to land your dream role and increase your salary.
  • Keep losing out on quality time with your family. You’re ready to have a career that gives you full control over your time & your personal life.
  • Being denied, yet again, another promotion & raise - and now you’re feeling fed up with your employer. You know it’s time to move on from your job but you’re not sure what your next steps should be so you feel like you have to settle for what you can get.

The problem is that you are being ghosted by HR & Recruiters,  rejected by Hiring Managers, and not landing job offers.





Does this sound like you? 


✔️ You have tweaked your resume multiple times but yet still keep getting rejected by employers

✔️ Hearing the dreaded words “We have selected another candidate that is more suitable for what we are looking for” from employers?
✔️ Words tumble out of your mouth as you desperately try to convince the hiring manager that they should hire you.
✔️ Lower your salary when HR asks about your salary expectation just so you can be considered for the job.
✔️ You know that you deserve more money for your skills & talents but you don't know how to position and market yourself as a Top Talent & land job offers.
✔️  The more action you take in your job search,  the more confused you feel.


✔️  You just want someone to tell you what to do so that you can quickly land your dream role.

If you said "Yes" to any of the above statements, then You’re ready to be the Go To Talent every Employer wants and land competing job offers.

Introducing Go To Talent with Gurpreet K Mann

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Go To Talent is an 8-week Career Coaching Program for career professionals who are ready to go from rejected to hired as the Go-To Talent in their field/domain, command higher paying salary and never settle in their career again!


I help you get competing offers through my Career Niching Strategy


Career Niching Process, I will take you through 5 Phases:


Define Your Zone Of Genius

In this phase, we will work together to identify what your “zone of genius” looks like to position you as the “Go-To Talent” to land competing job offers.


Brand as "Go To Talent" 

In this phase, we are going to position you as the “Go-To Talent” in your field/domain with your crafted branding positioning from your Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile with premium salary.



Master The Job Market  

In this phase, you going to have a proven methodology to successfully navigate the different components of the job market so that you land multiple job interviews. Speeding up the process 10X.



Convert Interviews To Competing Job Offers

In this phase, you are going to receive my 5 pillar framework for converting job interviews into job offers, so you land competing job offers.


10 X Your Negotiating Power with Completing Offers 

In this phase, you will be in the position of choice by having Competing Offer Energy, having multiple job offers. Go To the Expert Negotiating secrets framework to negotiate a higher base salary & total compensation package.
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As a result of the program you will:


Higher Salary

Double to triple your base salary and finally earn high paying salary job that you deserve


Engage  with your dream employers and set yourself apart from the crowd

Sought Out

Become the most sought out expert in your field that every employer wants


Align yourself with employers that want top talent and are willing to pay top dollars to get it.

Personal Brand

Grow your Personal Brand by discovering the power of LinkedIn so that you can continue to grow your career successfully.


Do what you love & love who you work for every single day

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You are the Go To Talent in your field that employers want & are willing to pay top dollars to hire you.  It is time to understand where your true Zone of Genius Lies and leverage it to land your next dream role, one that pays you more than what you are getting paid in your current job.


You need to take action on the future you want Today while employers are paying top dollars for talent like yours. 

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What’s included in High Paying Salary Job Program Experience:

  • Video Library :  Unlimited access to deep-dive video lessons going to teach you how to land your dream job in 60 days or less, and double to triple your salary.

  • One private session with Gurpreet to crave out & establish your personal career goals that you want to achieve 
  • 16 Live Group Coaching Session on Zoom with Gurpreet, to ensure that you’re on track to reach your professional goals and guide you.

  • Complete, Customized Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile… Along With My Personal Feedback from me and you’ll Also Get Feedback From The Entire Group Mastermind! 

  • Step by step proven Blueprint to landing your dream role & get paid your worth with all of your action steps clearly spelled out so you see results quickly

  • A partner by your side every step of the way to increase your productivity and hold you accountable for your dream.

  • Career & Job Search Resource Library that includes templates, worksheets, guides & sample resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.

  • Private Slack Community  to network with others and get support from your peers




Access to Monthly Industry Expert-Led Live Masterclasses on Zoom. 

Replay from previous expert-led masterclasses included


About Gurpreet K Mann aka HR Superhero


I’m an HR and career expert trusted by the Wall Street Journal The Globe & Mail, Voice of America, and was recently awarded one of the “Most Admired Global Indian 2021".  I have been working with companies, HR, and job seekers for over a decade.  There are so many misconceptions about what it takes to land your dream job and triple your salary.  It’s your time to take control of your career and my coaching program is the place to help you do that.


I’ve said it before, I have no desire to be the coach who works with the masses.


I am going to be the coach who works with a select few.  A few who are ready to step into their greatness, work their asses off, and make their dream career come true.


What you need to know about me

Time and again, my clients have told me that I’m more of a partner than a coach. And that’s because, when we work together, I’m completely invested in your career.

Yes! I Want You As My Career Coach!

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